Our Quick Points (If you’re pressed for time)

  1. Improves Athletic Performance
  2. Rheumatoid Arthritis/Osteoarthritis Relief
  3. Anti-aging and skin rejuvenation
  4. Aid weight loss
  5. Reduces Symptoms of Stress
  6. Post-surgical Recovery

The Background of Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy is a technique in which the body is exposed to extreme low temperatures for a short amount of time. Many people use it for one session, some athletes use it twice per day, and others do a 10-day treatment followed by once a month afterwards. Although one session can have benefits, regular use is recommended for better long-term results. Here we list the top 6 benefits that cryotherapy can provide. Click here to see what we have to offer for Cryotherapy.

Let’s discuss the benefits

  1. Improves Athletic Performance
    • Athletes can benefit from the use of cryotherapy to speed up the recovery process of joints and muscles. Immediate exercising is possible due to the muscles and tissues not being frozen. Cryotherapy increases circulation by exposing the body to ultra-cooled air, purifying the blood and transporting nutrients and oxygen to the body’s soft tissues making them recover faster.
  2. Rheumatoid Arthritis/ Osteoarthritis
    • Rheumatic diseases are conditions that cause chronic pain in joints and muscles. Cryotherapy has been proven to help reduce pain, and improve mobility, well-being, and functional impairment. It is suggested that cryotherapy be used as a supplement of already established treatment.
  3. Anti-aging and skin rejuvenation
    • Cryotherapy can enhance the natural biological process of cell regeneration. This allows for the body to eliminate dead cells and generate new ones, aiding the reduction of toxins. It also aids with the production of collagen. This is a protein that gives the skin strength and elasticity, which results in smoother, tighter, more even skin tone giving a younger appearance.
  4. Aids Weight Loss
    • Although cryotherapy will not be make you drop those extra pounds you have been trying to get rid of on its own, it does aid the process. The way this works is by making your body work hard in order to maintain homeostasis in your body and keep it warm in the low temperatures of the process. This causes your metabolism to boost in order to reheat your body after a session.
  5. Reduces Symptoms of Stress
    • Maybe trying cryotherapy over a spa one day would not be such a bad idea. There is actually a science to how it reduces stress and boosts a feeling of happiness. The reason for this is that the procedure itself releases endorphins into the bloodstream. These hormones will interact with pain receptors to reduce the perception of pain. Also, cortisol levels are reduced which are in charge of the body’s response to stress.
  6. Post-Surgical Recovery
    • This is something that should be talked about with your doctor, but cryotherapy is something that can be great to aid healing after a surgery. The process is able to reduce swelling and promote anti-inflammatory function in the body’s healing blueprint. This is mainly a natural way to reduce pain that comes with recovery.

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