When you devote your entire life to sports, you basically have to accept that you are going to put yourself at a higher risk for a physical injury at some point in time. According to the CDC, from 2011 through 2014, Americans averaged 8.6 million sports and recreation related injuries per year.

As an athlete, you put more strain on your body than the average person. The team here at The Athlete’s Room understands that, and we strive to support your athlete’s body both in prevention, and the healing process after an injury has occurred.

The Sports

Certain sports have more cases of injury, the good thing about this is that we have the data to show what injuries you’re more likely to have, as a result of competing in a sport.

In the same timeline mentioned before (2011-2014) the second highest rate of injury in adults aged 15-24 years occurred playing basketball, 343,000 injuries were recorded each year as being related to the sport.

Because statistics like that exist, it doesn’t matter if you play softball, golf, or are a swimmer; you will be able to see what your more prone to injuring, and work to prevent that from occurring. Our goal is the prevent these types of injuries from happening. Our staff is on hand to help prevent injury through sports massage and our Cryotherapy station.

  • The most common types of sports injuries include:
    ACL Tear/Strains
    Shin Splints
    Hamstring Strain
    Shoulder Injuries

These types of injuries are more relevant to the type of athlete and sport. Concussion and shoulder injuries will be more prevalent in athletes who play football. Where as shin splints and hamstring strains are going to be more prevalent in athletes who run track.

According to the Stanford Children’s Hospital, the highest rates of injury occur in sports that involve contact and collisions.

What you can do to prevent injury

First and foremost, what you should do when deciding to play a sport is to do research on the types of injury athletes of that type are more prone to. This way you can be aware of what parts of the body to be cognizant of if there is a strain or pain showing itself.

Next you’ll want to listen to your coach, bad form is the easiest way to strain and cause unwanted injury. Utilizing good form will help you ensure you performing at your peak, and help save your from experiencing something that’s easily preventable.

The next thing you can do would be to take care of your body. Just as an example, here at the Athlete’s Room, we offer Sports Massage for just that. Your muscles need time to recover and relax. Our sports massage emphasizes prevention and healing of injuries. We think you’ll appreciate the prevention more in the long run.

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Sources: https://www.stanfordchildrens.org/en/topic/default?id=sports-injury-statistics-90-P02787